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Cunningham Elementary School

324 W Linwood Ave

Turlock, CA 95380

(209) 667-0794

(209) 668-3730 (FAX)


Email any teacher by clicking the envelope next to his/her name.

Teacher Websites

Teachers whose names appear in blue have a website that can be accessed by clicking on his/her name.  

Cunningham PTA
Contact Cunningham PTA  Cunningham PTA Associate

Cunningham Staff

Contact Tami Truax  Tami Truax Principal
Assistant Principal
Contact Vicki Kyte  Vicki Kyte Assistant Principal
Contact Pam Coffey  Pam Coffey Administrative Secretary
Contact Iris Figueroa  Iris Figueroa Secretary
Contact Cindy Guevara  Cindy Guevara Attendance Secretary
Contact Alex Jimenez  Alex Jimenez Health Tech
Contact Angel Sanchez  Angel Sanchez Community Liason
Support Staff
Contact Linda Boone  Linda Boone Literacy Coach
Contact Stephanie Creamer  Stephanie Creamer Speech Therapist
Contact Ann DeSa  Ann DeSa Resource Specialist
Contact Stephanie Figueiredo  Stephanie Figueiredo (209) 667-0794 Librarian
Contact Kathy Gilfallan  Kathy Gilfallan ELA Coach
Contact Stephanie Montz  Stephanie Montz Psychologist
Contact Evelyn Webb  Evelyn Webb Instructional Coach
Contact Anthony Nunes  Anthony Nunes Custodian
Music Teachers
Contact Rebecca Hall  Rebecca Hall Orchestra Teacher
English Language Development
Contact Erica Maldonado-Higle  Erica Maldonado-Higle ELD Teacher
Head Start / Preformal
Contact Sarah Sanchez  Sarah Sanchez Preformal Teacher
Contact Kristen Snyder  Kristen Snyder Head Start Teacher
Contact Crystal Villanueva  Crystal Villanueva Teacher
Contact Maci Burke  Maci Burke Teacher
Contact Kelley Castro  Kelley Castro Teacher
Contact Rebecca Russell  Rebecca Russell Teacher
Contact Shari Stapler  Shari Stapler Teacher
1st Grade
Contact Amber Chandler  Amber Chandler Teacher
Contact Michelle Gutierrez  Michelle Gutierrez Teacher
Contact Veronica Martinez  Veronica Martinez Teacher
Contact Brittany Parker  Brittany Parker Teacher
2nd Grade
Contact Jennifer Baker  Jennifer Baker Teacher
Contact Sevan Gilbert  Sevan Gilbert Teacher
Contact Michelle Kuchan  Michelle Kuchan Teacher
Contact Leticia Perez  Leticia Perez Teacher
3rd Grade
Contact Alejandro Acevedo  Alejandro Acevedo Teacher
Contact Kim Cabral  Kim Cabral Teacher
Contact Francisca Delgadillo  Francisca Delgadillo Teacher
Contact Ashley Sullivan  Ashley Sullivan Teacher
4th Grade
Contact Elizabeth Bergman  Elizabeth Bergman Teacher
Contact Jill Norman-Shipman  Jill Norman-Shipman Teacher
Contact Stacy Oldfield  Stacy Oldfield G.A.T.E. Teacher
Contact Gracie Ponte  Gracie Ponte Teacher
5th Grade
Contact Judy Bondshu  Judy Bondshu Teacher
Contact Kelsey Chrisco  Kelsey Chrisco Teacher
Contact Maria Covarrubias  Maria Covarrubias Teacher
Contact Joy Gonzales  Joy Gonzales G.A.T.E. Teacher
6th Grade
Contact Lillian Beltran  Lillian Beltran Teacher
Contact Judy Bondshu  Judy Bondshu Teacher
Contact Marianne Bunce  Marianne Bunce Teacher
Contact Summer Henley  Summer Henley G.A.T.E. Teacher
Contact Jessica Souza  Jessica Souza Teacher